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FIT4TAP is a FUN & FUNKY Tap Dance Fitness Fusion! Learn Tap the FUN way and Keep Fit whilst working out to the FUNKY beat.  Fit4tap is a great alternative tap dance fitness class aimed at beginner or refresher tappers who want to learn to tap a beat with the added flavor of a cardio dance fitness work out. Fit4Tap bringing the world of tap dance and fitness together in a Fun & Funky,  non-intimidating environment.  

“Don’t just work it.. Dig it!” 

The Benefits of Fit4Tap

  • Achieves and all round, head-to-toe workout
    • Increasing cardiovascular conditioning, strength and endurance
  • Sculpts and tones
    • Improves posture, balance, flexibility and co-ordination
  • Strengthens the mind
    • Cognitive abilities enhanced
    • Improves mental and muscle memory efficiency
  • Develops a great sense of rhythm and timing
  • Bone building benefits
    • Using accented tap steps and body weight to increase bone strength
  • Over-all long term health, including social capabilities
    • You don’t need a partner to participate
  • Burn up to 315 calories per class
    • Burn calories while having fun!
  • Up to 3700 Fitbit steps per class
    • Add to your daily step count

“Fit4Tap is the best thing I’ve done in a long time!  It’s fun, keeps your brain working and keeps you fit all at the same time.  I loved dance classes when I was young, and finding this as an adult is just brilliant.  I look forward to it every week!”

Lynsey Hayes

Founder and Director Sue Allen Hudson has over 30 years professional dance and fitness work experience in both performance and teaching. Inspired by the Dance Fitness movement, Sue saw an opportunity and with a burning desire to fuse Tap Dance and Fitness together founded and created ‘Fit4Tap’ in January 2015. Starting her very first Fit4Tap classes with her already established dance fitness clientele, the class took off immediately and is growing daily.


The Fit4Tap Level 1 – Program is perfect for Dance Fitness Instructors or Dance Teachers who want to add an alternative adult tap dance fitness class to their timetable. Enquire about a Fit4Tap Training course by completing our Contact Us form below.

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