Date(s) - 27/03/2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

FIT4TAP is a FUN & FUNKY Tap Dance Fitness Fusion! Learn Tap the FUN way and Keep Fit whilst working out to the FUNKY beat.  Fit4tap is a great alternative tap dance fitness class aimed at beginner or refresher tappers who want to learn to tap dance with the added flavor of a cardio dance fitness work out. Fit4Tap bringing the world of tap dance and fitness together in a Fun & Funky, non-intimidating environment.
Welcome to the FIT4TAP Level 1 – Work Out Program
FIT4TAP is a Tap Dance Fitness program that can be added to existing Dance Fitness or Dance school timetables or you can start up your very own independent Fit4Tap class/s in your local area.
  • The Level 1 – Work out training program consists of a Pre-course home study and an 8 hour training day
  • Once you have completed your training day and successfully certified as a Fit4Tap instructor you then have the option of joining FIN (Fit4Tap instructor Network) which gives you the license, support and materials needed to set up, instruct and build your very own Fit4Tap classes.
Instructor prerequisites for the Fit4Tap Work out Program Level 1 Training: 
  • Either a Level 2 Fitness certification ETM (Exercise to Music) or equivalent (with some tap dance experience/knowledge)
  • OR Tap Dance qualifications (with any teaching/Instructing experience)
  • Any experience of instructing other Dance Fitness programs adds to your prerequisites
Awards and Bursary:
  • The Fit4Tap Instructor Training Level 1 Work out program – REPS and PD:Approved with an accredited 12 CPD Certificate awarded upon completion
  • EMD UK are offering a 50% Bursary for the FIT4TAP TRAINING DAY and a further bursary for the DUO PACKAGE.  

*For further Training Day details email: or BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE on the next available training day

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