“Fit4Tap is the best thing I’ve done in a long time!  It’s fun, keeps your brain working and keeps you fit all at the same time.  I loved dance classes when I was young, and finding this as an adult is just brilliant.  I look forward to it every week!” Lynsey Hayes

“I started Fit4Tap as an add-on to my dance fitness regime and it quickly became addictive. I hadn’t tried tap since early childhood but was quickly caught up in the fun of the sessions and soon began to enjoy it very much. Fit4Tap has an infectious style of teaching and I look forward to every class, each of which comprises a clever balance of interesting moves and cardio workout. I can recommend Fiit4Tap to anyone, regardless of whether they have tapped before or not.” Nicola Price

“Fit4Tap is a highly sociable dance fitness class that has the benefits of a good physical workout and at the same time is brilliant for your concentration!  Having never tap danced before I was unsure as to what to expect, but my instructor soon put me at ease by demonstrating and breaking down the steps and routines fully and the classes feel very relaxed yet fun.  It’s also a great way of meeting new friends!”  Paula Ball

“Fit4tap was my introduction to tap dancing and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s not only a workout for the body, but for the brain too. The sound of a group “tapping” is incredibly addictive and uplifting, as is learning the steps. My instructor really inspires and unites us all and is responsible for creating a really wonderful group of fun loving, all inclusive ladies.“  Mandy Cole

“Whether you’ve tapped before or fancy giving it a try! Come along and try a Fit4tap class. It’s about learning the steps to great music and getting fitter at the same time. If you enjoy danced based classes Fit4Tap is for you!”  Bernie Penfold

“I love going to Fit4Tap! As well as being fun (classes are very friendly), you get a good workout to some great music. It is really uplifting tapping away in unison with the group. Great for Mindfulness too – you really can’t think about anything else apart from the steps – good for switching off and being ‘in the moment’. Come and have a go, you’ll be so glad you did!” Nicky Banin

“I thoroughly enjoy my Fit4tap classes! Fit4Tap is different because I feel I get an aerobic work out along with the tap dancing.  I also attend ‘normal’ tap dance classes and find the fit4tap classes helps build up those muscles, and stamina which helps along side my normal tap classes… I get the best of both tap worlds! Carol Kelman