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Welcome to the FIT4TAP online classes.

The Fit4Tap Signature online class is a great class to introduce you to the Fit4Tap program *Beginners are welcome and no tap shoes are needed

  • If you have not attended classes before you will be asked to fill in a PAR-Q form.
  • Places are limited for each session
  • Please wear comfortable work-out clothes, recommended tap shoes or dance sneakers/gym trainers, and water. *Please make sure you have safe and workable flooring
  • Open Signature drop in class price @ £8 (10 spaces per class)
  • Instructor Signature Drop in class price @ £10 (8 spaces per class)

Any body who participates in dance classes provided by Fit4Tap shall do so at his/her own risk. He/she shall assume all risk involved, including but not limited to all cost, claim, injury, damage, or liability sustained while participating. Fit4Tap will not be held liable for any misfortune that may occur. By purchasing this online class and enrolling into the (live/pre-recorded) session with the teacher, you agree to the above, waive all claims and are certifying that you are in good health and have consulted a doctor before beginning this dance class. We take the safety of all our class participants very seriously.

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